Free BareBone VMs | 9sh

Whether you need to test out your website for compatibility or just want to have stock experience of OSs, we got you covered for free. No sign up needed.

Before you begin testing,

So, what's a bare bone VM?

Bare Bone Vm are OSes with all stock apps and settings.

What is "stock OSs"?

Stock OSs mean unmodified version of Operating System like AOSP.

Do I need to Download anything?

No, you don't need to download or install anything to use our Virtual Machines, they are real time machines.

What type of access do I have to the devices?

You get normal access like how you buy a new mobile phone/computer in 9sh

Are there any time limits?

Yes, we do impose a time limit on our Virtual Machines of 2 Minutes. For longer time limits, please visit this link.

Do you retain the data of VMs?

No, as soon as your session is over or you manually end it, the devices get destroyed meaning, they get deleted. 

Are these VMs really free?

Yes, 9sh provides you with VM 100% free to use.

What types of VMs do you offer?

We offer Android, iOS, Linux, Windows, MS-DOS, Retro Machines like Old Apple Systems, Atari, PC-DOS, etc. and Univac. Please visit any of the link below or on top navigation for a list of Machines we offer :)

General Questions

Where do you get Android/iOS VM from?

We use Android/iOS Virtual Machines from, you may visit their site to get paid VMs.

Where do you get Windows VM from?

Retro Virtual Machines like Windows 1, 3, 95, 98 are hosted on our own server and do not impose any time limit, Windows 10 is hosted on this website.

What else do you provide?

We also used provide hosted sub-domains where you could host and make websites for free but due to spam, we had to sadly close it.

Why should I be choosing you?

We do not force anyone to be using our website, it is just for making you life easier with these compiled list of Virtual Machines :').

Are there any terms to these Virtual Machines?

Yes, In fact, We have made an entire page dedicated to this here.

Are you planning on adding more machines?

Yes, we do have plans to add more operating systems but due to other systems requiring powerful servers, we haven't been able to do so...

Why are you doing all this for free?

I'm doing this all for free because trust me, I was finding for free VMs too and I couldn't find any free ones finding for weeks, and now that I have found some, I plan to share this with everyone.

Contact Us

Do you have any questions which you want to ask or need help? Please don't hesitate to contact us.

Are there any free alternates to your site?

Yes, there are many sites on the web which provide same type of machines. Below is a list of all the sites which provides Vm for free without credit card. provides Android/iOS VM to free users at 100 minutes per month and even this site uses for Android/iOS VM. provides you with all the linux operating systems for you to test before you install a linux on your PC.

Browserling provides you with Windows Vista, Windows 7 VM for free for a limited amount of time (3 min) where you can test your website or see if a site is down or not.


Google Cloud also provides you with free Debian Based VM with shell access in it's compute engine without any credit card. once you register for cloud console and make a project, just click on "Activate Cloud Shell" option on top navigation bar.


Lambdatest provides with you a lot of virtual machines for free once you sign up using your email address. From Macs to Windows, They have got you covered.


BrowserStack provides you with almost all the devices that are currently existent in the word, from Samsung, OnePlus, Google Phones, to iOS devices and Windows and MAC VM with all web browsers...

There may still be more sites that may provide free VM and each of them are better in their own ways, I just listed them here for your convenience.